Trial and Error NBC guide error?


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Sep 8, 2003
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I believe it should be two new episodes tonight starting at 9PM. It was originally set to record both and I just noticed now only the 9:30 show is set to record on my receivers. The first one is now labeled wrong with wrong episode as best I can tell....
If you are recording this show be aware.....
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Unbelievable. The level of incompetence is off the charts. Neither episode recorded.

I manually had to record the first, the second did record off the timer. Exactly what happens with back to back episodes of Storage Wars and Pawn Stars sometimes which is why I kept checking these back to back.
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I had the same trouble with Trial and Error. I had a timer set from last year that missed the first two episodes. I had to delete the old timer and create a new one. It worked for both episodes last week but I had to grab that first episode tonight from the PTAT list. Funny show BTW.

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