triple LNB pointing for Florida?

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Apr 21, 2004
I just purchased the Direct TV promo package with a triple LNB and a built in multi switch in the solid LNB head. It has 4 outputs. I am in a fringe area in the Florida keys and used to use the 48 inch diameter dish with a single LNB with dual outputs to a hughes multiswitch. I have a second and third 48 inch dish and am trying to use old dual output LNB's into the multi switch to catch all three satellites. I have subscribed to everything including all of the Para Todos or Latin stations. The second dish has locked onto a satellite higher and to the left of 101 but it says "wrong satellite". I can't seem to find sat 119 or sat 110 although pointing zones are within 5 degrees up and down and left right. Any suggestions and sources for help other than Direct TV techs?
If you have the new tripple LNB you dont need another mulit switch, the switch is built in and you need to bring in 101 first. With this LNB you can hook up four TVs. Make sure you have a good line of sight of the 101. When facing south is left of 119. I think it is around 219 on your compass. You should install it close to your power utillity and run a number 10 ground wire to the ground there. Also dont forget the skew or tilt on the back of the dish i think it is set at 57 but put your zip in the reciever and it will give you this info. If you adjust the skew and get 101 both the 110 and the 119 will come in, you may have to fine tune till all three sats are close to the same signal strenght. Should be only a small differance betweenth strenght. If this doesnt work they have a biger dish with three LNBs, the other is i think 20 by 24, dont remember. the 110 LNB is in the center . Hopes this helps.
The 110 lnb is a special lnb called a Sat C lnb. For DirecTV, you need the special lnb and the combiner. The 119 sat B lnb is a standard one. For both 110 1nd 119, the elevation is actually a few degrees lower than 101. I'd go to an individual satellite calculator and find the individual angles for each satellite. You will need a different multiswitch for separate dishes.
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