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May 10, 2008
I was getting most of the HD channels from 61.5W. We have been having rough weather with very high winds for last few months.

About month ago or so I lost signal from 61.5W satellite, I assumed that weather wind has probably moved antenna hence lost all channels from 61 and have been watching SD counterparts.

Following is my setup:

- dish 500(110 +119) with quad dp lnb: 2 cables to dp34 satellite input.
- dish 300 (61.5) with twin dp lnb to dp34 3rd sat in
- out 1 to 501 receiver
- out 2 to vip722 receiver
- out 3 to vip722 receiver

I unhooked 61.5W from DP 34 and plugged directly in to feed to 501 so I can re-point dish antenna. But I cannot find at all, I have re-aligned dish few times in past

I was trying to find signal on transponder 2, 22, 24, later I found out (correct me if I m wrong) that these are HD TP and cannot be seen be 501, then I started playing with 14, 12 & 27 TP, but still no signal.

So my question is....

- What am I doing wrong?
- What transponder should I use to find signal? &
- which transponder can PVR 501 see from 61.5W? they been removing bunch of stuff from this satellite (credit: uplink center)

Called dish and they are asking for $69 service fee or upgrade to new antenna for more. I am trying to be DIY guy and fix it on my own.

regards; ccuser
I have done it multiple times, actually that was first thing I did month ago when it started happened. I m getting all XXXX on 501 with direct connection.
My guess would be this: Because the Eastern Arc satellites (61.5, 72, and 77) are now strictly MPEG4 satellites, you won't pick up anything from those satellites with an MPEG2 receiver like the 501.

Try repeaking the 61.5 with your 722?
I was fooling around with Eastern Arc a few weeks ago using a retired 301. I was able to pick up all three sats.
There is sd channels on 61.5, I have pointed using older non-HD receiver in the past. Try using this site: Satellite Look Angles Satellite Heading Calculator Azimuth Elevation Skew Tilt LNBF Latitude and Longitude values

I have already utilized dishpointer dot com for visual aid. Still no go even with calculation. Skew Tilt is 90 degree since I am only after 61.5, elevation is within range and azimuth is very close to what previously worked and shown by dishpointer.

I even tried swapping LNB just to make sure it hasn't gone bad. Still no go.
PVR 501 has ''MPEG2 '' printed on front. Is there transponder that still has MPEG 2 broadcast over at 61.5W? I tried connecting TUNER 1 of VIP 722 directly to 61.5W but it didn't gave any sign of signal either.

Is there anything you guys see that might be problematic in my setup?

I appriciate everyone's input.
Check if you can lock on to 110 or 119 using that same dish.

If you cannot get a signal, it might be the coax cable connected to the lnb has gone bad.
Check if you can lock on to 110 or 119 using that same dish.

If you cannot get a signal, it might be the coax cable connected to the lnb has gone bad.

BIG THANKS TO U. It was exactly cable issue. Since I was the one who intalled this wing antenna few years ago for HD, I previously used radioshack cables and combined with connectors to run long (50ft) cable to DP34 switch. When I checked connectors at cable they have collected alot rust over time. Guess what! I replaced it again with radioshack RG6( caz thats all I have...).

Is there sealent I can put connectors to avoid rust?


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