Trouble Posting with IE11

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Nov 3, 2005
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Anyone else having issues> I am having difficulties with the site using IE11. This is new as of today. Posts are not posting and showing up until refreshing the page. Same with trying to do mod functions. Chrome is working fine.

Restarting my modem didn't seem to help. Having issues with Chrome, also.
I am seeing some oddness as well.

We updated from php 5.2 to 5.4 today but that should made things better not slowed things down. So I am investigating. :)
After it finishes reindexing the thread, I am going to turn off the web server portion for a moment and restart the database server. It hasn't been restarted in a long long long time...
Ok it just finished reindexing the messages.

I am going to take the site offline for a few moments to restart some services. :)
Still not working as it should.

I just noticed in our new updated PHP setup that the php.ini are at its default settings. So I am going through the old php.ini and the new php.ini and making the changes.
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