Trying to set up a 3rd tv... not working well. so signal


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Mar 19, 2010
hello, my name is Rob. I just got me a new 22" tv i want to set up in my computer room. So i got a 100 ft cable and split my cable running into my DVR box. I have pictures to illustrate :)

here is my remote - its a ir 21.0. Do i set it to Ir or UHF? moved to IR for now.


Now, here is where i split my wires. I did it when it came out of the wall and into the DVR box which is a VIP 722k i believe. 1 is hd 1 is not. Green is the new wire that is running to my 3rd tv. red is the original wire that goes to the other 2 .


SO - after i did this, i took my 3rd remote and programed my little 22 "" tv - which is here.


As you can see, it says no signal... the remote can turn it off and on now. But i can not get into any menus. SO, i took my remote into my 2nd bedroom where the normal tv2 is, and tried to program it there... all it did was take over that tv, and the other remote no longer would control that TV... and still no signal to the other room. I guess my question is - is it my hook up? is that not where to split it? should i just split it in the bed room and run it from there? my menu is alittle different than others i see on youtube on how to set it up.

I ended up f'n up all my controllers and had to reprogram the other 2 to get them to work again... i have now changed my 3rd remote to ID 11 - and changed my channel to 60 . GOing to go to bed and try again tommorw just trying to get some input on what i am doing.

ALso - once i get the right cord here, i need help on how to get the sat menu to come up... or will it never come up until i set it up in the other room? will this be its own tv or wil it just clone itself or become a clone of my wifes TV in the bedroom?
sorry bud, can't split the signal going into the receiver. you need to split the signal coming out of the yellow home distribution port on the back of your receiver. this controls the tv2 signal and can be split effectively to 2 or more tv's depending on cable length. your new remote needs to be set to the same uhf address as your other tv2 remote. in a nutshell all you are doing is "mirroring" the tv2 signal to the third room so what is on in room 2 will be the same in room 3 and when you change channel in room 2 it will change in room 3 and vice-versa. you will also want to make sure that tv in room 3 is set to the same channel (ant 60 or cable 73) as the tv in room 2.
Receiver = the big black box. Vasconic is right you can't split the sat signal you have to split the home distribution port (the yellow centered coax connector).
You also need to make sure that your 3rd TV is in the right mode and on the right channel. To find out what mode and channel your 3rd TV is supposed to be on press menu,6,1,3 to find the modulator setup.
uhh receiver as in the dish itself?
No, the 722K. I've got a feeling there are some communication problems here. Are you splitting the TV2 output or are you splitting the cable coming from the dish? You can't do the latter.
crap. Okay i see the home dist ... i split that... still no signal.... grrr can i just split the cable that goes into my 2nd tv and run it?

my tv has TV in and AV in ive tried on both..... grrr

the menu 613 isnt doing anything i guess is what i mean
if it is working on 2nd tv, you just need to set up 3rd tv exactly like the 2nd tv. need to go through the setup for 3rd tv and make sure it is set to the proper settings. question... is your tv 2 set to ch 60 or ch 73? if it is set to ant 60 you need to make sure tv 3 is set to antenna 60.. most tv's have a setup menu where you can select either cable or antenna so be sure to set it the same as tv2.
o okay, I figured it out.... my TV input on my new 22" tv is broken (bent sideways) plugged my other tv in and it worked fine. Went and exchanged it at walmart and now it works perfect!
Glad you found the problem. Use menu+menu to find out which Dish remote settings are and use menu+6+1+5 to see/set the TV-out modulator settings.

Menu+6+1+3 tells both and IR and UHF band also but stops any program. Detail is a quick way to find signal levels on 4 transponders on each satellite, only 1 for 129.

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