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Oct 14, 2006
Thinking of a vip622 setup, but I'm worried about tv2 composite going to my Panny plasma. It gets good sd reception on cable. Can I use the aspect control on the tv so that I don't have to watch tv in a 4:3 configuration?

The other thing that I'm worried about is using the cable run in the house to the plasma and 2 standard tvs. Anybody out there ever try this?
I use a widescreen setup and have my 510 set to widescreen mode in the settings. It doesn't really matter: it'll display everything stretched and distorted. And to top it off, when something IS widescreen, it won't even stretch it for me. I have to stretch it on the tv manually. What a pain. Widescreen option is basically for the menu and the guide. Now, I don't know about your 622. I am using s-video. It's the highest quality offerred on this model. So basically, it will display everything widescreen on your monitor. 510.. at least.
Your cable runs. Hmm. Check the cable type. If it's extremely old (rg59), then the quality will be okay. If the cable runs are RG6 then the it's fine. Of course, I'm talking about OUTPUT from the receiver. For INPUT to the receiver from the DISH, RG6 is a must (according to Dish anyways). As long as your sending it from the receiver to your tvs, you'll be fine. Limited to watch the same thing everywhere, but fine. Another neat trick is using old cable as RCA cable. Buy some cheap adaptors from RatShack to turn a coax end into a RCA phono plug, and voila! instant RCA cable. I use RG6 for this, but the logic works for even Digital Coaxial Cable. Great way to save money and also have a quick a/v distribution method. I had a DVD 300 disc changer with 2 outputs: 1 went to Home Theater, and the other went out on coax around the house to culminate in bedroom, using Rshack adaptors. The employees swore it would never work. heh heh.
Oops, you have a dual tuner type thing, don't you? Or at least, you want to get one, right? My info...might be wrong. Though I think it'll work. From what I read , it's common cable that goes to the second receiver. Yeh.
I have the VIP 622 hooked up to my HDTV as well as another tv. Because I am using coaxil to hook up the second tv the stretch feature doesn't even come into play so you can leave that turned on on the receiver as it will only stretch component or hdmi from what I am noticing (I may be wrong but at least on my setup it is running this way as I have stretch set to default for non-hd programs as the receiver does a better job than my tv.) You can let your tv do it as well if you leave everything set to normal so you do have options for it. The only downside to this recevier that my comcast and d* receivers had (and maybe someone has a fix for this) but the receiver does not automatically switch when a show is not in hd so if you are watching jeopardy you have to hit the button to stretch it and then hit it again when a HD program comes on and since the receiver doesn't detect the non hd program it also will not tell your tv to automatically switch so it has to be done manually. Not a big deal but just for your knowledge.
That's odd. My television will not allow me to adjust the image of HD input signals. Only if it's non-HD can I stretch, zoom, etc. My brother has a tv that auto senses aspect ratios. It works tolerably well.

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