TV control conflict with Sat receiver

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Jan 25, 2005
I would like to get some help from your experienced people.

Bought Element 32" LCD TV and just set it up. It seems that the control signals of the TV controller conflicts with my Satellite receiver (Fortec Ultra). For example, if I increase the TV's sound volumn, the Satellite receiver got turn off. And some more...

Anyone has experience to deal with this? Thanks for any helps.
most newer remotes can control several devices, look and see if the fortec remote can be programed to control the tv . My Coolsat will control the tv & dvd player

there is also another thread about a simular problem someone trying something but no answer yet. other that that maybe angling the receiver so it can't receive commands from the tv remote, maybe use longer cables and place it several ft away.

sorry couldn't think of other things maybe someone else has some more helpful answers.
Please reply by conversation.

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