TV Streaming Horror Show


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Here comes the sanity...or at least a dose of reality (and probably too much reality tv).
I don't think I've ever read such a bloated article in my life!

This is what caught my eye and shows the writer has a bias.

In April 2022, when the company announced that it had lost subscribers — the first decline since it had started making its own content — more than $50 billion evaporated in a single day.
True, they did lose, but what the reporter did not make clear, it gained those losses back and millions more.

Netflix-220 million at the start of 2022, now at 232 million(Q1/2023)

A stock that had been approaching $700 would soon fall below $200.
More bias, Netflix stock did hit $700, then it did a 7 to 1 split ( I own Netflix stock that I purchased before the split) , basically 1 share became 7.

So when it hit $200, that split made that 1 share into $1400.

Netflix stock is now $420.

So times 7, $2940 if you owned it before the split, it you bought it afterwards, $200 ( from the article) became $420, still darn good gains.
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