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Mar 20, 2010
Slingbox PRO-HD
Dish Network VIP 222K
TV2 IR Converter: Provides infrared (IR) control of TV2 on a dual-tuner DISH Network receiver. - Slingplayer


( 1.) Set the Converter to Band A if the remote uses an odd-numbered address; set to Band B if the remote uses an even-numbered address; set the Converter’s TV2/1 switch accordingly. ---- DONE / TRUE

( 2.) Leave the remote key as blue TV2, but set the UHF/IR switch inside the receiver’s 21.0 remote control’s battery compartment to IR. -- DONE / TRUE

( 3.) Converter is used to control TV2 with a Slingbox, but independent control of TV2 is not required. -- DONE / TRUE

( 4.) Dish Network VIP222K Remote not available in the Slingbox Setup therefore using Dish Network VIP622K. -- DONE / TRUE

( 5.) 8 separate Manual Timer's set to tune to HBO Channel 300 every 3 hours to circumvent "Press Select to Watch TV" prompts after every nights 3:00 a.m. Dish Network updates. -- DONE / TRUE

( 6.) Inactivity Timer Disabled. -- DONE / TRUE

Everything is working fine. BUT.....ONE CONSISTENT PROBLEM PERSISTS:

Every 3 to 4 days: I loose total control of the remote on Slingbox. I can watch HBO BUT that's about it. Not a single Slingbox Dish Network remote function works UNTIL you POWER DOWN everything (Dish Network VIP 222K Receiver, TV2 IR Converter & Slingbox PRO-HD) and POWER UP everything back again. Life returns to normal after that. But is it a real pain especially when I am traveling.

IF anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.
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