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Dec 17, 2006
All of a sudden today my second tv does show any video at all. I have the 625, around 2 today, it just stopped working. I can see the channel info, menus and etc, just no show video at all? this is in my kids room so not sure if there is a button they pushed on remote. But i have have triple checked everything.

it's getting some video(channel info) and the dish select to turn on...but just no freaking show video or audio... tried to play some saved stuff from dvr, i get the screen and then select to watch....i see the channel, but no video. tv1 is perfect...

Thanks for any help
This sure doesn't sound like the kind of thing one could do accidently. I'd be on the phone to Dish support ASAP to get a RMA started and a replacement in pipeline.
Reset the reciever, run a check switch and make sure all the satellites are correct. If it still does it then call Dish for a service call.
Thanks. unplugging fixed the problem.

Although, when it restarted said my HD was Bad and "cleaned it up". Need to reset all scheds and re-save all my sons Monster Truck shows.

Again thanks for the help...wonder how HD went bad?
I think a "Reboot" button on the remote will do.:)
There used to be one :)
I forget which software version and what button sequence it was, but there was at one time a particular function that if I ever tried to do, the machine would reboot.

What is HDEV1 ... Channel 9465?

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