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Oct 24, 2006
Grand Island, NY
I received a phone call from TWC yesterday; inquiring if I was happy with my services and whether if I had any issues that needed attention. It certainly shocked me.

I know they gave me the huge winback discount for two years to get me to drop dish and come back last August; however I didn't really expect them to call and check out my level of satisfaction.

TWC is certainly trying to satisfy their subs, 1000% more than the old Adelphia Crew did and which ultimately led me to Dish in the first place.
They came knocking door to door in My neighborhood.I guess that they are hard up for business as their service at least where I live sucks big time!With their constant price hike & crappy channel line up & not giving the customer nothing back in return (except a higher bill) they are loosing business to sattelite big time & now Verizon Fios is here!
Standard Operating Procedure - Direct Sales Reps, going door-to-door, selling cable, satellite, phone services. Nothing new there......

Competition is growing big time here, with FIOS adding more communities. Directv has added their 2nd. HD Receiver for free deal too for area new subs too.

However the Dolans are still fighting with Verizon over the MSG-HD's and Directv still has their battle going with Versus; so I will be sticking with TWC until one of them can give me the Sabres and Yankees in HD.

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