Two Dishes Better Than One 1000?


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Apr 29, 2004
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I upgraded to 622 and had my install today. I asked the tech if I needed the Dish 1000 and he said no. I have a dual dish setup mounted on my roof. He further explained that the dual dish setup (with DISH 500) is better than the single DISH 1000 setup. He said they get calls from DISH 1000 owners complaining of weak signals where HD is concerned. Anybody else heard about this? It could appy to my area only on the West Coast.

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Nov 17, 2003
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yep. 2 dishes are usually better because the 2nd dish you can fine tune the dish to 129 and not have to worry about trying to maximize 3 different signals on one dish


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Feb 12, 2006
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i speak from experience... peak your 1000 (or 500) to 119 / 110 then add a second dish peaked to 129, you'll not have (as many) dropouts on 129

lets hope in a month or so after echo x calms down dish realizes that 129 sucks the big one and does something about it.


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Mar 20, 2006
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RandallA said:

What kind of signal levels do you get with a D1000 peaked for 129? Just wondering.

I have been a professional sat. dish installer for over 6 years now. (E*, D*, C-band, Starband, Wildblue....) 129 on the D1000 in Washington state is a real big issue for us. I dont have the list with me but I peaked a dish 1000 on 129 and recorded every Xponder. They ranged from 42 to 80. We also took readings from a D500 aimed at 129. The numbers weren't much better, about 3/4 were 5 or so points higher but ther rest were the same or lower.

We sell Dish, DTV and WildBlue, We also subcontract for Dish Network. I installed two 622 upgrades w/D1000's today, The first one couldn't lock onto a couple Voom channels. We tell all our customers about the issue and that we hope dish will have it fixed soon. It is common with the slightest weather to loose voom chans.

I use a 61.5 dish instead of 129, 61.5 signal strenghts are fine, 80-110, But when the Seattle locals come on I will need to switch to a D1000, I hope they fix it before that.


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Actually they have not changed much this is from the Albuquerque thread when I installed...
dfergie said:
checked signal strengths on 129 and this is what I get
Transponder 1- 75, 2-70, 3-67, 4-75, 5-74, 6-80, 7-67, 8-67, 9-78, 10-78, 11-59, 12-82, 13-0, 14-65, 15-61, 16-70, 17-65, 18-59, 19-53, 20-69, 21-63, 23-53, 24-67, 27-54, 30-58, 31-59

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Mar 3, 2006
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Yesterday the installer (the man without the 622) said that his office has been directed (by Dish) to NOT install anymore Dish 1000s and instead install 2 Dish 500s. They just don't work around here


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Mar 20, 2006
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iceshark said:
Yep that is FACT in Washington. They are NOT even bringing dish 1000 on the truck!

I am a dish network installer in Washington St. and we have not been told to install 2 D500's instead of a D1000

The issue is much more with the 129 sat. than the dish 1000. The Sig. strength from a dish 500 is barely better than a dish 1000 on 129, still way below normal signal strength levels.

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Jul 2, 2005
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Installer came by this morning for my 622 upgrade. He said he can leave the 2 dshes up and just do a new 'lens' on the 110/119 dish, which will also have the additional cable out for the 622.
I had him do just that. The 110, 119,and 61.5 banged out at 87, 89, and 98 respectively. Nice!

Unfortunately, the 622 had a dead tuner 1 output. First bad one he had seen in 2 months. TV2 (UHF) output was just fine.

I should have another by Wednesday, and plan a self-install. Tech said lately Dish has not been authorizing without a tech number, but he said to try it anyway or call them first. Because everything else is a be continued.