Tyson fight in HD only on 148?


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Nov 25, 2003
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On Dish's PPV ordering page it lists the HD broadcast to be on 148, channel 9428. Will it also be shown from 110, on the HD events or HD PPV channel?

I called Dish, 5 times, speaking with 5 different CSRs, each one told me it 'might' be available on 110, one even told me they may add an HD channel in the 450 range to show the fight on HD.

Does anyone know for sure?

cancunkev said:
one even told me they may add an HD channel in the 450 range to show the fight on HD.

Does anyone know for sure?


What they would probably do is mirror the channel in the 450 range so it's right next to the other fight channels...

I'm surprised no one else has added a comment since everyone is excited in the voom area
Does a bloody ear look any better in HDTV. It's to bad some people still want to give this guy more money.
All personal opinions aside, does anyone have an answer for my question?

I could care less what he has done in his life, his mistakes, his idiocy, the man may be crazy and have poor verbal skills, but he does know how to sell himself. He may never be considered one the best ever, but he puts on a show. I am a boxing fan, period.

Would you rather watch an articulate and sane librarian box, or a crazy, unpredictable nut like Tyson? We are not talking about a chess match here people.
I know it will be on VOOM. :) (And it actually may be free on VOOM)

No word from Dish, but with them shuffling things around the could possible air it on 110. I am not saying its going to happen, but its possible.
Scott Greczkowski said:
Hes a boxer not a preist. And I know some priests which have done worse things. :)

Yeah, they're all scumbags. Priests have been known to do bad things to children. That other scumbag just bites their opponents ears, and oh yeah, liked to beat his wife too. I wouldn't watch if he paid ME!!!
With any luck the Priest will go to jail (I said with any luck) and they don't make millions after they do it. Lets not forget this scumbag has already been to jail and he still gets to make millions. Lets hope that all of those kids out in TV land will see him for what he really is.
I have seen them show a Tyson fight on showtime the same time it was on PPV. I had showtime when this happened and didn't have to pay for it. If this fight is done like this I wonder if it would be on showtime HD?
Has anyone gotten more info on the Tyson fight on Dish? Will it be in HD?
A reply to my email finally:

The Mike Tyson fight on Friday, July 30, 2004, will be available on PPV in HD for $44.95 on Channel 455.

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