U502 for H3 and EHDs


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Sep 2, 2016
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Interestingly enough (need more data to make sure it is consistent) U502 seems to have solved the problem many of us have had with our EHDs, where the first time you try to play something you get the flash of the "spinning up" message, then a black screen, and you are required to exit, go back into the EHD list, and try again (always works on the second try.) Today it appears - need to see if it works tomorrow! ;) - that now an EHD program plays first try. Good job!

However, I'm back at my EHD disappearing every morning from the DVR listing. A previous update seemed to have fixed that, but now I'm right back at having to do multiple resets to get the EHD to show up.. Every single morning. Once again, doesn't seem to matter what EHD I use, whether it is powered with it's own AC adapter or a powered hub, etc. etc.

Not for me. I still get a black screen when playing a title on my EHD. Still need to go back in and select the title again. My kids are so used to it now they no longer roll their eyes. They just have accepted this "bug".

I'm on U502 on my H3.
U502 did not fix the external drive problem for me also. It still takes 2 attempts to play programs stored on the external drives.
I have U502 and still have the black screen on the first try to watch anything on my EHD, simple off and on then back into EHD not a big deal to me.:D
I just checked and this is what happens with U502:

1) The original EHD in a Thermaltake BlacX docking station from the Hopper 1/2000 when turned on asks to reformat the drive because it is not in the correct format for DISH is what it claims. When the H3 first came out, it would have the error about the spin-up but atleast back then, it would display a partial list of the recordings on the EHD even though it is unable to playback the recordings.

2) A EHD that is a exact clone of #1 above that is connected by a USB 3.0 to IDE/SATA Cable works fine in U502 and all previous firmwares. I have not tested playback in U502 yet to see what happens.

So it seems like there are still some USB to SATA Bridge chipsets it does not support yet.
Yeah, I spoke too soon. I now have the black screen/spin up error in first playing an EHD program. And I'm back to losing the EHD every morning and having to repeatedly reboot the H3 to get it back.

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