U531 May Have Fixed "never ending" Reboot? (1 Viewer)

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Apr 9, 2006
With regards for two Hopper 3 systems where one of the hopper 3 would not complete rebooting for several hours if it "sees" the other Hopper 3:

I hope I'm not speaking too soon but now that both of our Hopper 3s are running U531, neither Hopper 3 has had hours long reboot attempt and the displayed message of a system check. the first Hopper 3 got the latest software about a week ago with that Hopper 3 being stable but the other Hopper 3 still having the intermittent several hours reboot attempt. Then our second Hopper 3 got the latest software just two days ago. since then both Hopper 3s seem to be back to normal with no hours-long reboot attempt at either Hopper 3.

Has the new software on both Hopper 3 solved the problem for at least a few others who posted that they too have this problem?

This stupid problem started for us in December when we were very busy the only reason I haven't called Dish is we've had a whole lot going on for so long that it looks as if this problem has "solved itself." we were fortunate enough to get by using a Slingbox to a Fire TV to replace the hopper 3 in the living room if that H3 was in constant reboot, and a Joey that was in the same room with the other Hopper 3 so that person could simply pair that Joey to whichever Hopper 3 with working properly, and also the Slingbox sending into one of the bedrooms to Fire TV.

I just hope this stupid problem is over.
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