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Jul 24, 2009
Puerto Rico
okay so I have a 222k dual receiver
TV1 is hooked up via HDMI fine.
TV2 is split into two and goes into two other tvs

sadly I cant drag the UHF remote around the house everytime my kid wants to watch TV in his room while I am not watching mines.

so the question is will 2 UHF remotes work on the same frequency?( I plan to buy a second one so there is one in each room)

Do I have to buy a UHF learning remote or can I just buy the regular one that comes with 322 receivers?

are there any other alternatives to solving this if the remote idea wont work?

Thanks as always :)
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the mack

SatelliteGuys Pro
Sep 10, 2009
yes you can have a remote in every room the 722 serves.

any uhf pro remote with a tv2 key will work, the learning remote is not needed.
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