Unable to select a hockey game from FSN channel

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Aug 4, 2005
In my custom guide, I added the header channel 412 for RSNET so that I can watch Florida Panthers games. Whenever I come across that channel in the guide, I have to select it, and it expands with the 2 FOXFL channels, 412-13 (SD and HD). If the cursor is on the channel above it, pressing down will skip those channels, and go to the next channel after that 412 header. In other words, I am unable to select either of those 2 channels, and the channel highlighted just skips them completely. I have to press the back button, re-enter the guide, and then I can select the channel. It happened to me just now, and there is no game being shown at the moment, but another show is being shown.Why does this happen?

This happens on the Hopper or the 3 other Joeys.

And, if the Panthers are always shown on FOXFL, why aren't the games always on 412-13? They sometimes appear in other 412 channels.

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