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Feb 3, 2008
I was pleasently surprised a few moments ago when I was checking things out on my account on dishnetwork.com. I had seen the posts on here about the new HBO/Showtime free for 3 months offer and I wanted to see if I had it in my offers. I knew I was getting towards the end of the Free HBO/Starz and fitured I wouldn't qualify for the HBO/Showtime one.

I had an alert under "Offers" that told me exactly how long I had left on my 3 months of free HBO/Starz.

Considering how crazy Dish's billing can be, this was a nice thing to see. I had thought I knew when I had activated the preview. I was wrong and would have had some extra charges if not for their alert.
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Feb 28, 2009
I had the downgrade offer too. Choose to keep HBO and drop Starz. Hope they don't charge $5 disconnect fee when Starz is removed.
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