Update to my experiences with the DN TV2 IR Converter Kit... plus more (1 Viewer)

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Nov 18, 2003
Just thought I would post my experiences here (the old thread is too old to post in)...

I have HD TV1 (main TV connected to VIP722 (non k model) via HDMI) and HD TV2 (120 feet away in bedroom connected to same VIP722 via Component (more on that later)). I didn't want to use DN UHF Pro 6.3 remote to control TV2 from the bedroom so started researching possible solutions and that brought me to the TV2 IR Converter Kit.

I just installed it using the simplified 'Slingbox' setup (even though I don't have a Slingbox). I simply connected to the UHF antenna in on the VIP722 and used the included IR Cable for the Slingbox (used it for my URC RF20 setup, which I have two remotes). I had to switch TV1 remote to channel 3 and re-learn my URC's. Worked like a champ right off the bat, no problems.

Now, if some of you are still reading, I can only assume you are interested in how to get component HD out to TV2 over 120 feet away... Well, I use the Audio Authority RCA to Cat5e/Cat6 gear. This is the same, or similar, gear the big stores use to send one signal to scores of TV's.

This gear allows you to send HD Component and 2 channel audio AND RCA audio/video AND a digital audio channel via 3 runs of Cat5e/Cat6 cable for some many hundreds of feet without any perceptible image/sound loss (at least to my eyes and ears).

So, I take the HD Component along with the 2 channel RCA audio AND the RCA audio/video out of the VIP722, plug those into the Audio Authority head end, which converts those to 3 Cat5e cables, which I run through my attic to the TV2 in the bedroom, connect the 3 Cat5e cables to the Audio Authority end gear, which converts the signals back into HD Component and left/right RCA audio AND RCA audio and video, which I plug into my HD TV2.

The reason I run both is so that if TV1 is not being used, I can use TV2 for HD viewing. If TV1 is being used, I can switch TV2 to SD RCA audio/video and continue to watch tv via the VIP722's 2nd tuner. This gives me complete access to all channels as well as all recorded material.

Now, the Audio Authority gear will also carry one digital audio source. I believe that there are toslink to mini mm audio cables (the VIP722 does not have a digital audio other than toslink). If there are also mini mm to rca cables, then we could actually send the toslink audio from the VIP722 through the Audio Authority gear to an audio receiver at TV2's location. This is some very interesting stuff here.

There is a guy over on a different forum (AVS) who is selling the Audio Authority head and end gear for only $80 plus shipping. I also had him cut me and ship some Cat5e in the lengths I needed. I purchased the Ideal 30-696 RJ45 crimper off ebay for only $15 w/free shipping.

My advice, use a magnifying glass when terminating your Cat cable as those wires are teeny. I had 3 out of 8 terminations fail due to either crossed wires or open wires, before the magnifying glass, zero after.

Luck all,

If anybody needs more information, I would be more than happy to assist. I have absolutely no affiliation with Audio Authority or the guy selling the units, just stumbled upon the setup while doing my research. The guy is very helpful and friendly, but this gear is pretty straight forward and works without issue.
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