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Feb 2, 2005
I already have a 622, but am needing to replace my 522 (harddrive has already been reinitialized twice to extend its life, thanks to tips here thanks SatelliteGuys!).

The current setup is 2 dish 500s on the lease program.
I have the 622 fed into my main TV downstairs (dual tuners for a single TV).
I have a 522 that is fed 2 inputs in the office and backfeeds an output for TV2 to the master bedroom.

Ideally I would like to shift the 622 upstairs and place the 722 downstairs. Does anyone know if there could be the potential for any new wiring/switches during this process or will the existing cabling likely be sufficient to support these systems?

IE should I just do the swapping myself or is there a risk that I need a prof installer to come do some switch stuff.

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