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Aug 20, 2005
Elwood, IN
So I called ATT/Dish yesterday to find out what my options were to upgrade for HD programming. I've had my service for over a year (closer to 2 years, actually) ... in any case... I was told that it would be $179 then a $100 rebate for the receiver. I thought it was a free upgrade? Maybe I'm just confused. .... (btw... I asked if it would be a 622 or a 722 and was told that it was the 622, which I am ok with)
As for what I was told about programming, it pretty much fell in line with what I know - $20 for the HD programming. After asking, I was told I could get the first 6 months free... and, after asking again, was told that I could get the DVR Advantage.
I currently have the AT250, a 522 and a 311. My bill currently looks something like this:

KTLA - Additional programming: $1.50
Equipment: Add'l recvr 5.00
Programming: DVR service 5.98
Programming: AT250 57.99

Total: 70.47 + tax

If I'm thinking correctly, with the DVR Advantage, I'd be looking at the following:

KTLA $1.50
HD Programming 20.00
DVR Advantage 59.99
DVR Service (2nd dvr) 5.98

Total: 87.47 + tax

I guess what I'm trying to figure out is... is it correct that I would be charged the $79 after rebate for the 622; am I figuring correctly on what my billing would look like after upgrading; would it make a difference if I kept the 311 and sent the 522 back (obviously, I wouldn't have the second dvr fee, but would I still be charged the $5 add'l receiver fee.)

Wow... sorry if this is all obvious. I'm just feeling a little confused about the whole thing right now. :confused: Appreciate and help and or suggestions. Thanks!!!
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