UPN Affiliates on Ku-Band Satellite (1997)

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    along with the UPN/Paramount feeds that were carried on Galaxy 4 and Telstar 5, which of the UPN Affiliates were carried on Ku-Band at the time?, aside from what's listed here? (1997)
    S3R-TP13: WDCA 20 (UPN - Washington, D.C), alternating with WBDC 50 (WB)
    S3R-TP13L: KTXA 21 (UPN-Dallas Ft. Worth), alternating with KDAF 33 (WB)
    S3R-TP13U: WSBK 38 (UPN - Boston), also carried as one of the superstations on C-Band/Primestar, Dish Network and Canadian satellite systems (Bell TV, Express Vu & Star Choice) & alternating with WGBH 2 (PBS) & WLVI 56 (WB)
    S3R-TP14: WBFS 33 (UPN Miami-Ft. Lauderdale), alternating with WLTV (Uni.) & WDZL 39 (WB) as part of a duopoly between WTVJ 6 (NBC).
    S3R-TP15L: KCOP 13 (UPN - Los Angeles), alternating with KMEX 34 (Uni.) & KCAL 9 (Ind.)
    S3R-TP15U: WWOR 9 (UPN - New York City), carried as one of the superstations (along with WSBK, WPIX, WGN & KTLA) on C-Band/Primestar, Dish Network & Canadian satellite systems (Bell TV, ExpressVu & Star Choice)
    S3R-TP17L: KBHK 44 (UPN - San Francisco), alternating with KOFY 20-later KBWB (WB)
    S3R-TP17U: WPTT 22 (UPN - Pittsburgh), became a WB affiliate renamed WCWB the following year.
    S3R-TP18L: KJZZ 14 (UPN - Salt Lake City), alternating with KOOG 30-later KUWB (WB)
    WUXP 30 (UPN - Nashville), as part of the "Nashville" package that was carried on Galaxy 4 Ku-Band and alternating with WNAB 58 (WB).
    I wonder what other UPN affiliates they carried in '97? (especially those who have a satellite chart)

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