USB Extender with Dish Hopper USB Digital OTA Tuner Rocks! (1 Viewer)

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Nov 4, 2008
I love that the Dish Hopper USB Digital OTA Tuner will work over a USB extender. I was able to run a 32ft USB Active Extension/Repeater cable + a 10ft standard USB extension + 6ft standard USB cable so that the USB tuner was in my network closet where my prewired attic cable came in from the antenna I installed a few years ago. Getting the tuner to hook onto the first coax cable run was the key to awesome reception.

In the past (with 722 and also with built in TV tuners), I have always had problems receiving HD OTA using a full size antenna in my attic, even with a rotator and various amplifiers.

With this new OTA tuner, all of the stations come in at 60+ percent strength with no dropouts or artifacts at night without having to resort to a rotator (which doesn't work well for DVR). Even better, though, is that the locals are all crystal clear. I suspect that the OTA is being received and displayed (and sent to the joey) at closer to full quality (and not overcompressed to pump several stations over one satellite channel). Had this going for a few days now and have observed that during the day, some of the channels experience some artifacts and a few dropouts (especially the ones on the other side of a small mountain).

I ordered the tuner via the dish store (Log-in -> My Account -> Order from Store -> OTA Module - USB $30 (with free 2 day shipping).

Anyway, I wanted to share because folks may not realize that you can use USB Active Extension/Repeater cable(s) to get the OTA tuner closer to the antenna. In the past, I have been able to extend security cameras on 20M-30M runs, so you may be able to go similar distances with the tuner (there are limits depending on a lot of factors - your mileage may vary - read the USB specs and the repeater product reviews).

I'll update if my luck changes.

I was able to get all of these stations:

RF Channel: 40
8 miles at 41°"Yellow
RF Channel: 11
36 miles at 126°"Blue
RF Channel: 25
10 miles at 223°"Blue
"WLFL-DT 22.1 CW
RF Channel: 27
36 miles at 125°"Violet
RF Channel: 17
36 miles at 125°"Violet
RF Channel: 48
36 miles at 125°"Violet
RF Channel: 49
36 miles at 125°"Violet
RF Channel: 28
35 miles at 125°"Violet
RF Channel: 15
49 miles at 79°"Violet
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Dec 1, 2010
New Hampshire
Thanks for this post. I wondered if moving the OTA dongle closer to the antenna and replacing the coax with usb cable would work. After reading this post I ordered a 32' USB 2.0 active extension cable (Rosewill brand from Installed it today and the OTA signal is better. I'm getting a couple of channels I didn't get before.
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Jul 2, 2010
I have tons of USB printer cords lying around, used one on each of my OTA modules so they weren't just hanging from the Hoppers with the incredibly short cord that comes with them.

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Nov 5, 2012
Baden, Pa.
Interesting. I get drop outs using the dongle, even though when I hit info it shows a strong signal. When I connect the antenna directly to the TV, no problems, but I lose DVR capabilities. When I get time, I will first bypass the antenna amp to see if it makes a difference. After that, I will try your method.
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