Using 2ghz splitter to add 3rd tuner feed? Dish 500/300?


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Sep 8, 2003
Aurora, IL
I've been trying to come up with a (cheap) interim sat signal distribution solution in case the 921 shows up before Superdish. Right now I have 2 receivers (6000; 510), a legacy Dish 500 Twin LNB and a Dish 300 for the 61.5--no DishPro LNBs or switches's my question..

Both available combined outputs from my legacy dishes are used by my current receivers. Would it work if I picked up a Monster Cable 2ghz RF splitter, connected the line out of the SW21 to the splitter, then fed those outputs to the 2 tuners? I guess I'm assuming 'no' due to the voltage switching, but I don't know for sure...have never tried it.

Can anyone knock me off this idea? Is there another alternative other than waiting for Superdish or upgrading my LNB's?
You are correct the answer is not because of the voltage and because of the switching needed to switch between satellites and transponders.

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