SuperDish not available in Michigan...?

They should launch that satellite sooner. How long does it take a satellite to come on once they launch it?
LonC25 said:
I thought it was "advertised" that Michigan could be SuperDish ready for local channels in 2003...

I know this is just another promise, but I was hoping for sooner than August...!
Old information. Recently Traverse City was pulled from 105 and it appears that all Michigan use is on hold due to low signal. (Although the 48 EIRP coverage of most of America does reach almost to Bay City.)

This is why:

click on the thumbnail to see the footprint.

Three things:

The EKB page you pointed out said PLANNED not promised.

With just about every listing of PLANNED cities on Dish Network Chats (both retailer and customer) they make sure to tell you that these are PLANNED cities and things could change if situations change.

They never PLANNED on having trouble with the signal to up-state Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. However, it looks like Lansing locals are still on the plate.

See ya

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