My Superdish is IN!!!!!


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Nov 4, 2003
I had my Superdish installed this afternoon. Everything went fine and I've got to say that my locals look great. It beats anything I have ever gotten from the locals on antenna. I am very pleased with it all. The installer came out because the retailor system was down and I was one of the few he could get too. I guess it was my lucky day.
I wonder if the channels at 105 are going to be compressed as much as those at the other slots (61.5/110/119/148).
I was concerned about the compression but at least for me the locals are as crisp and clear as anything else I view on these TV's.
Perhaps that could be one advantage to having a SuperDish, maybe less compression? Or maybe compression will increase once the new satellite is launched. The reason I mention this is due to the fact that I saw many posts regarding the picture quality of locals in some markets.
mikew said:
I wonder how long all of those locals will be CONUS.

It looks like they will be CONUS for a long time to come. AMC-15 has only CONUS transponders for their FSS Ku-band capacity. Their Ka-band transponders look like they are spotbeams, though. I wonder if there is a plan for E* to make use of them...?

Here is a link to SES Americom's website with the footprint info:
The spotbeams for the new satellite to be launched at 105 are going to be used for the new broadband service in 2005.

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