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Dec 4, 2003
If one dis-connects a 501 and moves it to a room without a sat connection, can you still get into the PVR menu and watch recordings, or does the receiver want to have a sat connection? Thanks for the feedback..

Yes you can, a satellite connection is not needed to view DVR events. You used to have to have it connected to view them but not any longer. If you keep it connected to the satellite dish while calling in to have your service shut off you may lose your DVR recordings.
Thanks for the info StarGazer... Appreciate it.. Sort of thought so, but figured it was easier to check than to play around until I do that..
Yep, I had one that I disconnected over a year ago (disconnected it in July of 2002). I was curious if there was anything on the hard drive of interest, and found a couple of movies that I had recorded back then but never got a chance to watch. They played just fine with no satellite connection present.

811 Software download last night?

has anyone ordered the dish dhtv 811 bundle with widescreen?

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