Verizon 5G WB speeds in Chicago


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Nov 30, 2011
Kansas City / Las Vegas
Shared this with the Pub members last night, but thought I'd share it here as well.

Was sitting at MDW waiting on my flight home to Kansas City yesterday afternoon. Check out the speeds there.

While impressive how do those speeds benefit a cell phone? ( I regularly get over 120 mps on lte and it seems like more than enough)
mmWave is the cellular worlds equivalent of a halo car, it's great to show off but the practicality of it is on the lower end of the scale. Don't get me wrong , I think it's really cool to get 2 Gbps on mobile, but mmWave is a frail technology. They must have put a 5G node inside of the airport, given your speeds, it was very close by and it should have been easy to spot.

Not sure if it's still a problem, initially phones were thermal throttling when maxing out the 5G connection for longer than a few minutes and would drop down to LTE.

I prefer T-Mobile's layer cake approach with n71 and n41 for coverage and n260 and n261 for speed. Having a solid 200 Mbps whether it be on band 66 LTE or n71 NR is more meaningful to me than having 2 Gbps but having to be in a dense urban environment within eyesight of a node or macrocell.

Here's 3.5 Gbps in Vegas
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