Verizon and Cablevision Agree to Terms

Unfortunately, no HD feed of MSG & FSNY are included. CV doesn't want to lose their HD customers since VZ would kill them in HD channels with the addition of those two.
No mention of VOOM, but this is a step in the right direction...

This is HUGE and makes me want it MORE and tell COMCAST to hit the road!! Here is what I also found today....

Verizon signed a multi-year agreement with Cablevision's Rainbow Media unit pertaining to carriage of key programming services on the telco's FiOS TV platform. The deal includes MSG Network, FSN New York, FSN New England and FSN New England's high-def signal. Verizon said it also will carry Rainbow's national networks - AMC, WE tv, IFC and fuse - along with on-demand networks Mag Rack and sportskool. As part of the move, the Federal Communications Commission granted a request from Verizon to dismiss a program access complaint it filed against Cablevision.

I would think that in dropping the complaint, somehow VOOM was included for down the line.:D
Regarding VOOM, it is my understanding that Rainbow is licensing the entire VOOM HD lineup. Verizon is interested, but not at the asking price since Verizon is trying to keep FiOS TV pricing under control. Now would have been a good time to pick up VOOM (nice package bundle), but apparently that's not going to least according to the press release.

It's hard to place a price tag on VOOM HD since their only customer is Dish Network...and they are part owners. The only provider with the bandwidth to support the entire VOOM HD lineup at present it Verizon...and they're not ready to pay an arm and a leg. Verizon is currently at about 130k subscribers. Perhaps we'll see a deal when they hit 500k.
VOOM is worthless. They are totally weak lineup filler HD channels. I can count on my fingers the # of times i've watched them on DISH since March.
Many would say the same about FoodHD, MHD, UHD, A&EHD, and others...but I'm sure others would disagree. And most woman would gladly trade ESPNHD and ESPN2HD for LifetimeHD and WEHD.

I like HGHD, FOODHD...didn't have MHD and A&EHD when I had VOOM on DISH. IF, and I do me IF, I had a choice...I would only take WorldSport, MonsterHD and KungFuHD...and that is it.
Channels are to appear in the line-up in December. IFC will be part of the movie package. No idea on when the RSNs will appear though.
Does anyone know when these Cablevision channels (AMC, IFC, WE, etc.) will be added to the FIOS TV lineup? We in SE PA just found out yesterday that FIOS is now available to us but I really want AMC the most before I sign up.
Over on DSLReports it was mentioned the Cablevision channels are now showing up in the Richmond, VA FIOS TV lineup - and that it should be "any day now" before they are turned on.

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