Very useful guide data for EPIX starting 6am Friday

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  1. We should all call in and demand a monthly credit of the DVR fee until such time as they are providing guide data which can be reliably used for setting DVR recordings.
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  3. It was epic!
  4. I just checked and it seems the EPIX guide data is back for the next week. The same crappy guide data, but at least it's back.
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  5. Yes. But now Showtime is broken again. Look at Saturday at 9PM. It now says Showtime Programming/Previews. It should say The Edge of Seventeen. Now the timer I have set for that movie is broken (again).
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  6. But, at least there making progress with the CUI now. :biggrin
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  7. I have to go through my timers every day just to find out what is broken.
  8. So my timer for The Edge Of Seventeen on Showtime tonight did not fire either using the actual movie name from the guide when it was correct or using the incorrect name that showed up later in the week. Both timers are still in the timer list just waiting for something that should have occurred tonight at 9PM. Now, showtime is showing the movie again next Saturday at 9PM. But the guide again shows Showtime Programming/Previews. Lets see if the repeat on Showtime West records it.
  9. Part of that problem might have been from showtime showing the McGregor/Mayweather fight last night. It seems the guide changed about an hour before they showed it.
  10. That's why the recording for the generic name didn't work. What they did is move the movie to this coming Saturday. But the guide doesn't show it. Its back to the generic name.
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  11. OK, so yesterday "The Edge Of Seventeen" reappeared for Saturday at 9PM. I set a timer. Today, again its back to the generic name. Very funny.
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  12. I am starting to get the feeling that Showtime doesn't want people to record certain movies.
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  13. Me too. Showtime Programming/Previews has returned and it has expanded with more titles: Showtime Beyond/Programming Previews, Showtime Showcase Programming.and Showtime 2 Programming/Previews. Poor Showcase, it doesn't get previews in the title.
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  14. It's not just Showtime. It seems to be all the premium movie channels to one extent or another. I sometimes even see "off the air" in the guide for a few hours on a channel. (And that channel is still on and showing some movie.)
  15. I guess the new guide data provider has issues just like the old one. It makes it difficult to setup recordings. Search doesn't even work properly.
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  16. It definitely got to be the new guide data. I saw a preview for a new show on MTV and then i used search to find it. When I selected the show it only gave “record when available” option even though it’s on next week. Never had that problem with the old provider.
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  17. This is happening a lot. You have to go find the item and do it through the guide. At other times, the record when available option comes up for stuff that will never be available because they are only on Hulu, for example.
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