Very useful guide data for EPIX starting 6am Friday

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  1. Very useful guide data for EPIX starting 6am Friday.
  3. What is up with that?
  4. I got curious and looked up the EPIX web site and saw that they have their usual full program schedule for September. Perhaps this is simply more nonsense from the garbage EPG that Dish uses.
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  5. Strange. This will make it tough to record "Get Shorty" this weekend with my timer. If it wasn't for the Epix page on the Dish website, you would almost think that Dish was dropping Epix at the beginning of September.
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  6. I hope it's just a glitch and they're not dropping Epix. It's one of the reasons I'm switching from AT&T to DISH. :)

  7. No problem with my Epix guide data on my 722... I watch the Epix channels a lot...hope Dish doesn't drop them...
  8. I believe it is indeed more EPG nonsense. Something equally as silly showed up under Showtime a couple of days ago making it difficult to schedule a recording.
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  9. But Showtime appears to be fixed. And the actual programs were listed. The Epix 12 hour generic listing has been there since the EPG was first able to access the September 1st date. I hope you are right and it is nonsense.
  10. They had better not be dropping the EPIX channels. In any event, I guess we'll all know in a few days.
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  11. Well, now my guide data for the Epix channels is generic too. It was fine through the upcoming weekend earlier today when I posted, but just checked again a few minutes and it's just "Epix programming" now. Hopefully it'll be rectified in the next day or so...
  12. Hmm, mine shows full detailed programming

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  13. That's today. Have a look at Friday.
  14. Touche'! You are correct sir. Somehow I missed that tidbit in the conversation
  15. "EPIX Programming" was a great movie. Should win a few Oscars.
  16. Perhaps Scott or someone else knows for sure?
    I'd say it's a programming error, but... never know anymore.
  17. Just FYI all, we do have this listed as a known issue which is being investigated further
  18. Hey, Matt!

    I'm glad to see someone from DIRT finally acknowledge that the guide data has issues.

    Now if you could just do something about all of those movies with no cast/crew, reviews and parental guide.
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  19. And also the premier tag. You used to could find new movies and shows by searching for that word.
  20. It's the amazing craptastic Rovi data. From a thread at TCF the same thing is showing on Fios and TiVo too.
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  21. Plus, the "monthly Dish Movie Pack guide" just showed up in my email in-box with a large "Get Shorty" image at the top. So Epix is staying.

    Now, if they would just jettison Rovi, all would be good. I'd even be willing to pay a buck more a month to get Gracenote back.
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