""Vhf "outdoor tv antennas and" uhf" in" Massachusetts""

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  1. My Question is vhf, "stagger" stacking vertical" or "horizontally "stacked "side "BY "side "to do that" DXing hobby, and should I use, 18Gage solid copper ,RG 6,or 11 CABLE" for a"" Johansson amplifier ""that has one vhf in, at 30:DB, and "two uhf in at,40:D B ,with two 91XG,the two",91XG will be at 90Ft" and two vhf will be at,85"Ft
  3. Where in Massachusetts. Big differfence between North Adams and New Bedford.
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  4. Southbrige/woodstock at 85/90ft "when the" weather is right and AT like" 1 to 2:00 am is when the"" DXers hobby starts and with the "big guns" Johansson amplifier" I think it will be a successfu"l experience with the "2;vhf #302476,stagger stacked"and the" two 91XG" on a "Ham ROTOR, for right now "I have one "of the, vhf outdoor tv antenna" HOOKED UP I receive 17:channel's on,Vhf& on uhf":29:channel's "I receive "on the "91XG,at 45Ft" high"" so when I get all ""4"" antennas up at" 90Ft ""I think it will work"" o's m """
  5. perfect timing with the frequency auction.
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  6. Tv "stations "are "adding" more channels, and cutting for satellite "tv system and now CABLE, I don't waste my" money" on" bad"picture "Quality," I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL I HAVE MY " TWO VHF#30-2476& my TWO UHF 91XG HORIZONTAL STACK AT 90Ft,high with my": Ham, ROTOR,with my, new Johansson kit" THAT DOES VHF 30":D B AND UHF X2/40:D B "witch was hard to get" and I have an other Johansson amplifier. kit that does one vhf,30; and one uhf,40; that I have been exsparmenting with, with one vhf#30-2476,& one of the 91XG,at 40,Ft high,,at 80,Miles away,uhf and,Vhf: 130":Miles away,in::" New York city:" block island" and the" picture",Quality "is out of this "world" HEAVEY RAin, OR snow: no" dropouts, SO by" next week" IT should be up and" Working, wish Me Luck. everyone and have a good day,
  7. You apparently are going to be disappointed, they are not adding channels, channels will be eliminated at the end of the auction that's what the Auction is for. Much of the frequency allocated to the TV band will be gone with some stations/channels gone. Some markets will have more than others just as today, some channels will become sub channels, but you can only put so many channels in the frequency space that will be left.
    Add to that some of what will be left is the VHF band and the lower end is horrible for getting the signal out. The major networks will all still be there though in some markets they may share channels, PBS may lose some markets or parts of markets and little doubt some of the sub channels that exist today will be gone depending on market. (Create, Buzz, Hero, Laff, MEtv etc etc..)
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  8. Not true trust me TV stashion , are tired of paying the "cable and satellite companies " that why they are at" auction "you just""" a n w e r e d your own Question, don't for get o T a has been here for years and I think m a n y year's to come and do you won't to no why that is cable companies are to greedy !!! I no of a TV station that just add 3 channel's ion, Q v c ion,LIFE ,so I think I am looking GOOD so have a good day talk to you again tomorrow
  9. Do some reading, you can start right here on this forum. Unless you have antennas for VHF low you will be missing many poor channels. The best network channels should be on the remaining UHF channels.
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  10. Trust us. It's not going to be the same in a few years. There will be contraction after the auction.
  11. This what I was told if you live in a medium size market, like I do in Lafayette Louisiana with just about every tv station transmitter stuck between 3.5 and 18.4 miles away then your ok I wont lose anything and most of my stations are stuck under the channel 30 or 37 number that is the limit anyway. The only translator tower I have is the This/Antenna TV station KXKW 32. I hate to lose what subchannels I will be getting and have on the Delta Media Trio or have already (Antenna, H&I, Me, This) from this craziness. However I was also told that I would be luck enough and more than likely not to lose anything. We'll see. I'm just looking forward to the new Grit, Laff and whatever comes out July 1st.
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  12. We'll good day so ATSC 3.0 won't be that good ? It's vhf ?
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  13. There are two things going on here:

    1. The repack will force channels in larger markets to go to VHF. When you whack 14 or so of the UHF channels, that's what happens.

    2. Adding ATSC 3.0 will demand even more channels be used to simulcast the existing channels. It won't be a 1:1 situation but I wouldn't be surprised if they added one ATSC 3.0 frequency for every two DTV frequencies.

    The ATSC is pretty proud of what they've wrought, but I'm not convinced they know exactly how it is going to perform when confronted with some of the more difficult broadcast situations. Because it uses much higher compression, I expect that dropouts are going to be much more pronounced and DXing ATSC 3.0 will be an even worse experience than DTV.
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  14. I am not so sure about that ATSC 3.0 came out back in the w,w 2 so it's not really new it's just time to bring it out to keep up with at&t, Verizon and so on they say some day u will pay for ATSC some day and no more ota some day!!!
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  15. I'm not sure where to start with this run-on sentence.

    ATSC 3.0 isn't finished yet, so it is not a veteran of WWII (or Web 2.0 for that matter).

    The FCC has mostly been opposed to using the TV band for pay TV. There have been a few instances -- most notably perhaps being OnTV -- but in view of the repack, I doubt they'll be telling any of the mom-and-pop TV stations that they're getting squeezed out by a pay TV station. It kind of flies in the face of the idea that OTA is, in part, a public service.

    While DTV has a Conditional Access feature (standard A/70), I'm betting that most tuners don't support it. Unless ATSC 3.0 fails miserably (as is possible because it isn't mandated), DTV will be going away in the future so it doesn't matter what it could or couldn't support.
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  16. ATSC 3.0 what is it UHF or vhf low or is it hi vhf ?
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  17. ATSC 3.0 is a broadcast TV signal standard. It has nothing to do with the frequency (VHF or UHF) assigned to the TV station broadcasting it.
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  18. ATSC 3.0, what is it,vhf low or hi vhf, or is it UHF?
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  19. Well that is wrong info what's the right ancer vhf , vhf hi or UHF ?
  20. Why is it wrong if you know the answer why ask the question? Answer is spelled ANSWER not ANCER like so many of your posts it is full of errors.
  21. Boy wrong Ancer ageñ ATSC,3.0 is it vhf,low,or,hi VHF, or is it UHF ,MHZ?
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