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  1. Hello all im back ! i was doing an FTA dish got that worked out now its time to revisit my ota antenna ! OK first off, in my area i need a Directional amped to get anything, first off im wondering, can you gang and stack amped antennas? can you do both or only one with muti-antennas? In my area i could use a ganged to get better reception but i could also benefit from a stacked so i can point one more tot he west to get Fox and the Cw, right now i have one pointed north, i get about 11 channels north but it jumps in and out at times and thats one of the reason i put in the FTA sat to begin with.. so..with that lets start the races and see if this is something that could work for me ! thanks guys !! glad to be back with something to talk about ! this is the exact one i have up now, it does work pritty well, its just my area i need to gain a bit more from it.

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  3. Go to tvfool.com and post a report here.
    It is the only way to show your reception data and get really good sound technical advice.
  4. Post your TVFool report, Use your exact location. Click 'coordinates' and enter your antennas Lat. and Long. Also enter your antennas height above ground. Save and post the report picture or the link back here.
  5. You should end up downloading and posting something that looks like this:

  6. nice thanks guys ! ill get to work on that and repost back !
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  7. Hopefully it looks that good Fred, depending on where you are in PA (mountain or valley) the pickings can be mighty slim! :D
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  8. I picked 02134 for my example, recognize that zip code?

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  9. ok put in my info, and yeah it seems about right for how it is but it says i can prob get one channel with rabbit ears ... and no you get nothing unless its outside set up.

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  10. Yikes!
    Not pretty.
    WJAC - NBC, Metv, Comet and Grit , not a bad lineup.

    Is That Fox Channel that shows 11 miles away behind a mountain?
  11. WJAC - NBC, Metv, Comet and Grit , is what im aimed at now but get a jumpy reception, fox i think is behind a ridge but fox if i turn over that way, comes in good. thats why ide like to do a stack to get fox and cw and a gang to up the gain to try and keep the channels a lil more stable
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  12. i got my ant up about 17 feet, if i go really any higher the ant starts swaying in the wind and results in ... jumping picture and audio so it kinda defeats the purpose
  13. i was trying to think of ways to mod what i have to maybe get a lil better.. like the reflectors realy arent very big on my ant , i was thinking put some sheets on them to see if that helps. nothing perm of coarse just trying this n that .. something has to help .
  14. OK, Name them all. CH#.sub#
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    The antenna you have claims 150 miles. That is a misleading claim to begin with.
    I would take antenna recommendations given here for sure.
  17. its just that the jumping picture annoys me and my wife and so were looking for something to settle out the picture and sound.. something has to work !!
  18. WHY DOES SOMETHING HAVE TO WORK? Just because you want it to work doesn't mean it will. I suggest you do some reading on stacking and ganging antennas. If you want to do both you would need 4 identical antennas and a fixture that allows correct spacing of the antenna. above and below a central point. It would be ideal for only one channel but might help the others. Oh yes there is also the sail effect of all those antennas on a mast.
  19. The antenna you have presently, I wouldn't expect it to work, unless the station were in the green or strong yellow. (are those the stations you're getting?) To increase their dependability, and maybe "get more" stations marginally, you need a real antenna.
    Not some thing sold with nothing but hype.
    It's funny but if you ignore the zero in their claims of 'mileage' you'll be very close to the actual performance.

    I have the 2425 picking up a station at 65 miles**, 1edge, with the 'set' showing all bars 24/7.
    **Notice it ONLY claims 60 miles. Not hyped to read 160 miles.
    BUT, I probably will see a Kansas or Texas station if tropospheric ducting occurs this summer. Should they claim 1400 miles?
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  20. I like that 80mile one you posted, you think that would work for us, I used a lot of those station sights for antennas all said I need an amped directional ..so you think that 80 mile or that yagi one?? I can order one today if I really want to. Thanks guys!
  21. well im thinking about buying this one, http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/STELLAR-LABS-30-2430-/30-2430 , so i can aim it at both areas we want, for metv, grit and fox and cw.. that would be great, now that im on my computer and not my phone i was able to read that it is directional 60-70 mile for aimed two ways.. i think that would work!

    so far the channels i get are, 6.1 ,6.2 ,6.3 ,6.4 , 8.1,8.2, 19.1, and 23.3, channels 8 and 8.2 come in really well, but metv and grit skip ...>=/
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