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  1. A friend sent me a screenshot of his brother-in-laws Samsung TV that has a built-in OTA channel guide. Can anyone confirm this?

    I believe this screenshot came from a DirecTV, Dish or stand-a-lone OTA receiver. As far as I know, OTA programming data OTA is not accurate and most often is missing. This is why I subscribe to Schedules Direct for $25 a year.
  3. My Samsung has a built in guide that looks very similar to that. I do not use it that often, but when I have it has seemed accurate.
  4. I have a friend with a Samsung TV connected to an antenna, and I do remember seeing a program guide on his TV as well. The guide would have to work off of PSIP - which usually limits how far into the future you can look. The accuracy of the guide depends on the station providing the correct information. Some stations are better at that than others.
  5. It does not look like any stand alone box or Dish Network that I am familiar with. It is a nice looking guide for a TV. “No Information” for Gilligan’s Island, ask them to check one of the main networks in primetime and see if they get a basic description.
  6. Thank you for the replies. I guess it is real. I wish other manufacturers included guides in their sets.

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  7. DIRECTV sub. since '95 here ....

    That's no DIRECTV guide that I have ever seen ...

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  8. looks like my samsung guide.
    and i have no internet, so not sure where the info comes from
  9. Same guide on my Samsung Smart tv here. OTA info comes from the TV stations
  10. Looks like the guide on my Samsung.
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