TV Fool site down?

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  1. Been trying to use for at least 3 days and it appears to be down... anybody else having the same issue?
  3. It times out on me.
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  4. isitdownrightnow. com says it's down for everybody.
  5. Wonder if somebody forgot to pay the bill ;)
  6. I've noticed some performance issues of late. I suspect that their server(s) wasn't/weren't up to the task.
  7. Well it looks like u broke it lol!!!!!
  8. If that were the case, wouldn't it work at least part of the time, such as when traffic is scarce (late at night)
  9. If it broke under load, it may take some time to repair. Pushing a server well beyond its limits can result in several failure modes: hard drive fatigue, overheating, scrambling of the database or code. Most involve some manner of upgraded parts to repair and bring the server up to the demand.
  10. As of Friday night, March 10, TV Fool is working.
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  11. And it appears much snappier!
  12. Overall quicker, yes.
  13. You still broke it,,,lol,,,
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