V-Me to go off-air in Philadelphia on March 5th

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    V-Me saw a drop from 43 public broadcast affiliates in January to just 12 with the announcement that V-Me will not renew contracts with PBS stations, opting to continue as a commercial outlet. The drop is also in connection with the launch of the new PBS Kids 24/7 network on many of the same stations. Of the 12 remaining affiliates (in 11 markets), only 6 stations are in markets without a PBS Kids affiliate (Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, Providence, El Paso, Youngtown). I'm looking around to see if there's any word from station owners regarding this. A message from PBS is broadcasting this notice to viewers. Since contracts were likely signed to individual stations, V-Me may continue on other stations until their contract runs out. Nonetheless, WLVT Allentown will no longer air V-Me on channel 39.3 beginning March 5th. V-Me.PNG V-Me2.PNG
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  2. Thanks ScottLV. Get WLVT on channel 39 point something from here in W. NJ.
  3. A darn shame there's no replacement. V-Me is no longer airing on WLVT and they put up this graphic on 39-3
  4. WNJS-DT PBS has a channel named Test on channel 23.101 its just the same audio from channel 23.3. may be PBS kids coming??
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