OTA antenna recommendations for my brother's house

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  1. Hello everyone,
    It has been awhile since I have posted on here. My brother recently dropped satellite and is wanted to get OTA and I'm not sure what to recommend for him exactly. It's looking the Cleveland stations are his best bet, but it's not going to be real easy due to the hilly terrain and distance from the stations, but I think it can be done.
    I did a tvfool report: http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29&q=id%3d5134ff2a1cd489
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I would try an 8 bay UHF antenna aimed to the North East. 6,8,10 &12 are VHF channels that may come in on the 8bay antenna. 6 is a low power and low VHF so it is the least likely to come in. Everything is 1 edge or 2 edge not that distant but it will be harder to capture.
  4. And I'd walk the antenna around to find the best location for it.
    They talk up and down, but left and right, fore and aft also applies when trees and buildings are inline with antenna aim. Aiming the antenna up towards interfering obstacles peak may also improve performance. Depends on obstacles distance from antenna. Only experimentation will 'say'/
    8 bay Antenna: 30-2430
    May want to add an amp. I use a RCA TVPRAMP1R with good results. Use in 'combined' mode for best chance at the VHF stations. Or split mode, and add a VHF HI antenna. 30-2475 or 30.2476
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  5. Based on what we know about the FCC's repack plans, recommending a UHF-only antenna is surely ill-advised in larger markets. After the repack, there will likely be only 17 UHF channels left (13-29) so around 40% of the 29 available TV channels will be in the VHF range.
  6. I like the 91XG for UHF, and a separate VHF antenna. A GOOD QUALITY, high gain but very low noise pre-amp mounted on the mast by the antenna. A rotor, I like the Channel Master of old days, but the newer ones have worked fine for my friends. (so far....) Are you considering a tower? What do other people have in the area where he lives. Local TV stores can advise on what can be expected or check the phone book for TV tower service in the area. They will be the most knowledgeable. Hilly terrain can kill a signal.
  7. Very true. What I would recommend is going to Solid signal.com and order a standard Winegard Antenna with Medium preamp with rotor. Especially now with the repack Ch 2-6 will become more important
  8. The antenna price is under 100 dollars
  9. The latest article I read said 2022 for it to go into effect. It has already been about 10 years since it was proposed. Do you forget about watching TV until the FCC figures out what they are going to do?
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  10. I read end of 2019 but you;'re right.....its still pretty far away. Lots of time to enjoy the programming :)
  11. Depending on who you believe, the repack is supposed to take between 30 and 39 months. The NAB is saying no freakin' way. They cite a limited number of companies capable of making the retrofits to the towers as well as only two companies equipped to fabricate new antennas to place on the towers.


    It would appear that the FCC's plan is currently for the repack to be done by 2020 and that's a short life-span for a TV antenna. You also have to consider that for nearly the same money can typically get you a respectable full-spectrum VHF/UHF/FM antenna. I like the RCA ANT3036XR that looks suspiciously similar to the Channel Master Advantage 60.
  12. Not at all. You simply avoid hemming yourself in by buying a full spectrum antenna now rather than worry about how your going to adapt later. Antenna technology probably isn't going to change much.
  13. He said he has a pole that might work that he could put it on, but I'm not sure. I'll have to ask him what other people are doing. I know where he lives that if you live on top of a hill your golden, and if not it gets more complicated.
  14. Southbrige ma yes don't get me rong 91xg yes hi Gan vhf,17channels and don't for get low vhf antennas no one makes one that is why I say 8200u and a channel master 7777,amp and a FM trap rg6u 18gage solid copper center ten ft off of the roof line and don't for get to ground the antenna azzwell good luck PS 4 hands are better than 2 ,and stay free from power line
  15. WHY is a MAY 2016 thread being reopened?
  16. Winegard 8200u cm7777 amp 10ft pice of mast and dont for get to ground the antenna and don't for get the power lines good luck
  17. I've had very good luck with the UHF XG91 and a 10 element VHF yagi antenna. You'll need a rotor if you want get all of the stations within range, but you'll probably get all of the stations in the yellow and pink sections of the TV Fool report, with some iffy situations as you get toward the bottom.
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