Has anyone tried the "HD Stacker" antenna?

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  2. nope never tried it

    for $130 I can put together a pretty badass setup if I wanted
  3. I would say Denny's has a good writer and knows quite a bit about installing TV antennas. If the antennas are made by Winegard as his advertising states they are probably of good quality. Is it the best antenna for you? You will have to decide what you really need. The stacking he is doing is really aimed at reducing the length of the antenna rather than improving the signal. Both Winegard and Channel Master offer longer antennas that probably receive equally well and may be cost competitive.
  4. For some reason, TV Fool thinks WLFL and WRDC are the strongest signals from Raleigh-Durham but they certainly are not. They were always the top two Raleigh channels shown on the site for my TV Fool when I lived in northern Alamance County... but they certainly didn't come in as strongly as the WRALs and WTVDs of the market.
  5. Yes my brother the UHF sucked but the vhf hi&low works quite well wtnh CH 8 low vhf 65 miles from springfield ma OK so know we took the HDB91x that he had and add it to the vhf antenna boy could not believed the receive 69.1 in ct,state day or night 26.1 ion ct state
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