Viacom Channels Back Up

Yeah, I just posted this in the Dish/Viacom forum:

Your CBS and MTV Networks Are Back! Message from Charlie Ergen, CEO of DISH Network

Dear Loyal DISH Network Customers,

I am very pleased to announce that we’ve successfully reached a long-term agreement with Viacom to provide you with CBS and MTV Network channels including MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon. I am happy to say that this agreement will allow us to continue to provide you the lowest all-digital price everyday.

I understand that it has been a difficult 36 hours to be without these popular channels. We appreciate your patience, your support for DISH Network and your continued business.

As promised, you will receive a $1 credit on your next billing statement. In addition, we would like to thank you for all of your support by sending you a free DISH On Demand Pay-Per-View coupon that will allow you to view upcoming hits like “Cat in the Hat” and “School of Rock.” The coupon will arrive in your April billing statement. Enjoy a movie on us.

Everyone at DISH Network will continue to fight to provide the best possible programming and services at the lowest possible price, every day.

Thank you for your loyalty and thank you for being a DISH Network customer.

Charlie Ergen
DISH Network
It would sure be nice to find out the terms of the agreement to see if anyone blinked, or if it turned out to be a true compromise.... Nothing in the press release so far..
What kind of shows are on Nick toons, does anyone have a channel listing?

Yeah, I too would like to know how caved. Right now it seems like a bit of both. Dish extended the contracts on existing channels and added Nick toons, while I assume Dish received a lower increase over the next 5 years.
AppliedAggression said:
What kind of shows are on Nick toons, does anyone have a channel listing?

Tonight (Overnight) Nicktoons is showing:

Action League NOW!

Nicktoon Shorts


The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

Tommorow besides the usaual Spongebob, Jimmy Nuetron and the rest of the usual nick shows they have:

Pinky & the Brain

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters


Rocko's Modern Life

A full listing can be seen at under the DirecTV listings.

Well all the crack, I mean Nick addicts should be happy. I just want to know when the complaining about a free PPV and a Dollar not being enough compsenation for the outage starts..
Dang.... I just got my first bill yesterday, and won't receive another for 2 months or so... think I'll still get a coupon? And what about people who get their statements online?
snathanb, you will still receive a bill in about 30 days. The first bill is times 2 to pay for current and next months programming. I bill you receive in 30 days will be for the following month. Remember you are paying a month ahead. So I see you getting the credit and ppv coupon.

Is it really? :D

It was a good idea to create the Viacom specific forum though, certainly has lessened what we have to wade through...

who would be willing to pay more money to keep viacom?

Who won, Who Lost?

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