Video distribution of DVR AND Locals using Diplexer?


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Nov 13, 2003
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I have read much about using diplexers to get my antenna output to each of my sat receivers. Sounds good. I am wondering if anyone has also used diplexers to get the RF output of their DVR (508 in this case) onto the sat coax IN ADDITION so that I can access the DVR output from other TVs using, say, Channel 3 or 4 which are not used by my local broadcasters?

To be clear, I'd like to use diplexers to put OTA, DVR RF output, AND Sat onto a single coax to each receiver/TV. In case it is important, I am using a D500 w/ Legacy Quad to 3 receivers. One of the receivers also sees an SW21 w/ a dish at 61.5 for HD programming.

I diplexer will allow two signals to pass through the cable so you can not, to my knowledge, put three signals through. however, if you ran your OTA into your DVR box and then output the DVR signal as one you could probally do that. The dvr signal would include the OTA and then you could have your satellite feed as well.[/quote]
You can use a diplexer in reverse like that but not concurrently with an OTA antenna. The problem is that the RF modulator on the Dish box will cause interference to channels 2 through 5 depending on what channel you have it set to (3 or 4). If you want to distribute the output of your Dish box throughout the house along with your OTA antenna use a frequency-agile UHF RF modulator. Here is a link to one example - the Tru-Spec USM8D . Connect the audio and video outputs of your Dish box to the RF modulator. Put the output of the modulator into one side of a splitter going into the "TV" side of the diplexer (the other side of the splitter is for the antenna input of the Dish box if needed). All other sets in the house should now be able to see the output of your Dish box on the UHF channel you select on the modulator. Unfortunately this will also probably radiate the signal throughout your neighborhood out your rooftop antenna unless you have something to block it. An antenna amplifier installed at the first point where the signal is split off to all of the rooms of your house should take care of that.

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