[Viewsat] Viewsat VS PRO current uses?


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Aug 21, 2013
United States
I had purchased the viewsat pro right before satellites upgrade to the new encryption method or whatever it was that did not all to get all the channels for free. I do not believe things have been decrypted yet with the new method of encrypting the signal. (forget the exact terms of it). But since I have purchased the viewsat vs pro it has been sitting in the box collecting dust. Is there anything I can use it for currently? I have direct tv dish and subscription currently. thanks!


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Sep 3, 2004
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There are hundreds of free TV and Radio channels using a bigger C-band 8 - 10' dishes and quite a few on Ku-band using a 3' dish. Likely that your receiver is not MPEG4 or h.264, but you will still be able to receive hundreds of channels with the right size dish and a linear type LNBF. You will not find the popular Dish/DirecTV channels, but there is quite a bit of interesting programming up there!

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