Vip 622 problems?

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Mar 1, 2006
I have been trying to upgrade to the new VIP 622 receiver from Dish Network sence Feb. 1. It is a HD dual tuner with a 180GB DVR all for an upgrade fee for $299. I called my original installer and he ordered it and we set up the install date. After taking off work 2 days and having him stand be up, I told him to forget about it. I went to another installer and they told me the VIP 622 has been shelved due to software issues. I call Dish Network and they do not have any record of this and said that there is no problem with the 622. I called back the installer and they called there EcoStar rep. and confirmed that the 622 has been shelved and the ones still out there still have software issues. Does someone know what is going on. Dish Network says there is no problem and EcoStar says they have been pull off the shelf. If anyone has any info. please reply. I have been trying to get this stupid receiver for about a month. Thanks for any help.


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Sep 4, 2005
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I think a timeline might help us understand if these statements are ALL true , however fyi,
The 622 WAS held back, but that has passed and, as you can see on this forum, others are getting them and the online stores here are shipping a limited number too.
Suggest you go back and try again, they will tell you it will take time, limited stock, but it is shipping.


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And they do have some problems with software but not to the extent to prevent usage. Dish has never shipped a new receiver without some software bugs, just be patient.


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Call Dish directly to get this offer. 800 333-dish or 888 825-2557. Never mind the phone prompts for upgrades or signing up, choose tech support. Eventually you will get thru to someone who can really help you. That's what I did, and I got the VA center. The lady had a soft southern drawl, so if it was really India, it was WAY SOUTH in India. ;)

She did have to transfer me to someone else in the center that had the "old" software, which was necessary for setting up installs with both the ViP622 & DISH1000. I'd think most installs would be that configuration. Anyway, she had some "new" software they were still working on.

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