VIP 722 and error message 0521

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  1. I have a VIP722 and last week and now this week I found it did not record when should have. If I pressed DVR button on remote it gave a message there was a problem preventing operation. I tried a quick reset (on-off 10 seconds) and then it came up with error 0521 problem preventing recording (or something to that effect) and to unplug for 15 seconds. I tried that but still gave same message, but not sure why.

    Last week I unplugged for 1 hour then reconnected and all worked ok (same problem). I checked HDD temps and gives 139 high, 89 low, 118 average which seems no different then last week or today (even checked 2nd 722 with about same readings which is out on top TV with nothing around it).

    I am going to do unplug for 1 hour again and see but not sure why now this is happening or what the error code is for! What do I do? It has been in same area for 9 months all though summer with no problems (I had a 942 for 3 years in same place with no problem ever) so not sure what changed or why with the cryptic message error given!:confused:
  3. Many codes you could find at Dish TechPortal site.Also I would find here how to test [DST] and reformat HDD in your DVR.
  4. I did not look in right place of error box and it is 311 not 0521 (a fatal error preventing dvr access. Now I need to know how to solve if possible without losing programs!
  5. Same way you save the data on your computer hard drive when there is a fatal hard drive error (which is what this is). Get a new one and restore from a backup. Didn't make a backup? Too bad. Sorry if it's too harsh, just reality.
  6. How did you get the hard drive temps?
  7. press menu, 6-3 then counters and page up-down until you see hard drive temps. Hope that helps.
  8. Your hard drive is screwed. Only good fix is replacement of rec. The sys info screen probably shows a red box in the upper right hand corner with HDD in it.
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