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Sep 28, 2006
Wetumpka, Alabama
Last night, all of the sudden, my Vip211 stopped acquiring the satellite signal. I didn't do anything to the unit or the dish. We had perfect weather too. I tried a soft reset and a hard reset. Nothing worked. I called Dish tech support and they went through the motions with me. The check switch turned up no signal. I re-checked my connections and tried resetting and check switching again. Nothing! No one is able to come out from Dish until Sunday afternoon. I need my college football. Anyone have this problem before? Anyone know a fix? Maybe I need a new receiver. This is crazy. There's nothing new in the way blocking the signal. I have a perfect view of the sky and I've always gotten great signal strengths for all three satellites that I get (119, 100 and 121). Thanks in advance for the advice.
Since you have 119, 110, and 121, you must have a SuperDish 121, probably with a DP-34.

The check switch turned up no signal. I believe on the ViP 211, it will show the DP-34 and DPP-44 even if they do not detect an LNBF and/or sat signal. So if it does not show your switch, then you probably have a problem with the switch and/or receiver. Of course, there are reports of bad SD-121 LNBF clusters, but I believe they are talking about 119/121, since the 110 LNBF is just a normal DP Dual.

I would by-pass the switch and directly connect 119 and then run check switch again, and see what happens. If this works, then you probably have a bad switch, in which case, pick the satellite you would like to watch, 119, 110, or 121, and connect it up and watch it until Sunday; or call Dish and ask for a replacement switch.

If it doesn't work, then try 110 and see if it works.
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my guess would be the DPPtwin lnb portion of the dish1000 went out. weve been running into this alot lately on the dish1000s installed in the last month.
I agree with bill93civic. It's almost 10 PM on Sunday in AL, hopefully you are up and running.

If not, you could possibly remove your cable running to the DPP Twin andconnect it on the DPP Dual and possibly get 129.
look for outside splices in the cable, you can always find a rusted fitting with no stinger. Its prob a rusted connection somewhere, ive only seen a couple dpp twins go bad and i deal with hundreds, also check connections at your ground block if you have one outside.

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