ViP222K removed from my account after Hopper 3 purchase


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Sep 8, 2003
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I think DISH is finally doing what I’ve been saying for years: Simlify your receivers and stop supporting all the older than dirt receivers. It will save them money on software and maintenance cost in all those other boxes. The KISS method: Keep it simple Stupid.

100% correct, I still have my VIP's but at some point DISH had to stop refurbishing them and having different systems. If/when they allow two duo's on an account I will likely make the change.


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Jun 14, 2014
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I hear you. Heck, the new Hopper Duo does not even have Hopper Arcade. Even the Wally has that, so why not Hopper Duo?
I am not sure of the exact reason why (like if they skimped on the processing power in the Hopper Duo or what) but I was just told by someone at Dish (not a CSR) that the Hopper Duo simply will not support Hopper Arcade. :( The advertisement for Hopper Arcade in the screen saver on the Hopper Duo will be removed soon.

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