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Sep 24, 2009
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Just got my new Dish service installed yesterday - Turbo HD. I use an external antenna for OTA HD signals, and decided to run the antenna coax into the 612 receiver to see if I could then record them with the DVR. I discovered that the aspect ratio for all these OTA channels (18 in all) displayed as 4:3, but watching the same stations with the antenna on the TV itself shows that most of those are in 16:9 format. I located an item in setup where you can set the aspect ratio for ANALOG signals (suspect they really meant ANY signals coming in through the tuner) and it's set for 16:9. Changing to either of the 4:3 options changes the screen layout a bit, so I know those parameters apply to digital signals as well. So, question is, is it even possible to get full screen format for OTA signals passing through the 612 receiver?

By the way, it is possible to record those channels to the DVR, but only with the record button. Since there's no programming info shown in the guide for them, you can't select a specific program or time slot to record.

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Jan 13, 2005
IF your locals are being braodcast in 16:9 they'll show up that way. All the networks primary channels are in prime time. Lots of other times, if not most, they're probably broadcast in 4:3. Make use of the format button (*/bottom left) on your remote and cycle through until the display says NORMAL. The only way to record directly without subscribing to locals is to set manual timers. PITA. It is WELL worth it to pay Dish $5 @ month for the locals even if they only offer them in SD. Then your OTA channel info will appear in the guide and you can record, pause, etc. just like you do with the others. Good luck!


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