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Jan 9, 2006
trying to get the remote control to work so the volume on the reciever is controlled instead of the tv volume, when on sat button.
basically if i want to change volume, i have to switch to aux ( reciever ) button, adjust volume, then click back on sat button to change channel.. and back and forth.
if i try to change volume when on sat button, it tries to change tv volume, which i have disabled.

any way to make that work?
I have the 5.3 IR remote.


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Jun 8, 2006
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To the best of my knowledge the ViP 622 does not have an internal volume control.

When you set the correct remote code for TV using TV Mode on the remote, the volume control button will operate the TV either while in SAT Mode or TV Mode.

However, if you have an external amplyfier or other such device, then see:
ViP 622 User's Guide, bottom of Page 80 and top of Page 81.

I believe it tells you to first set up your TV on TV Mode, and the Aux Device (Amp) on AUX Mode. Then follow the instructions on Page 80/81 so that while in SAT Mode, the volume will operate the Aux Device without having to switch to Aux Mode.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: If your book is in the garage, here's a link, and Page 80 is in Chapter 10.
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Mar 16, 2004
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To save all that mucking about in the manual, here's the summary.

Assuming the TV and AUX device are programmed correctly in the remote, use this sequence to set the remote to control the AUX device:

Hold AUX till the lights come on
# (device button flashes 3 times)

Press SAT mode button, test that volume controls the correct device.

To reverse the process, use the same keysequence but start with the TV button instead of AUX.