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Feb 20, 2012
north carolina
Hello, im a newbie at posting so I'll probably forget something. Here is my problem.
I have a Vip722 and it is pixeling on sd and hd channels at random and progressively getting worse. Pixeling seems to be worse at nighttime and/or when we are trying to record something on one channel and watch something on the other channel. Receiver seems to be REALLY warm too. I'm not using ota channels. I have sat 61.5(on seperate dish) 110,119 and 129 on "main dish". We are in the woods and my dish(s) are on a RG6 cable 175ft(120ft of cable in a pvc pipe underground, 45ft of cable through basement). Had to go this far to get out of woods. Had dish tech out here saturday. He said signal on all of satellites were weak, he said he checked direction of dish, all the lnbs, receiver signal and all connections and that everything was good except my cable from reciever to dish was not showing strong enough signal....said to try to put fan in tv cart with receiver to help cool it off and i would need to replace cable from receiver to dish. Ok...well guess what..i put a fan in my cabinet(which does seem to cool things down) and i bought another 175ft of cable. Before i ran cable through the basement, I ran it from the receiver...out the front door and across the ground to the dish and hooked it up. Still have the same signal strength as before....same weak signal. The check switch checks good on all 4 satellites. I just checked the voltage at the receiver..19.95vdc and checked it at the dish...19.95vdc. Voltage is the same at the dish wether i hook up existing cable or the "redneck" version out the front door. Any suggestions on what it could be?? As a note, this is my 3rd 722 in 4 years...the other two were replaced because of hd failure and a lightning strike. Of coarse this one and the last one are "refurbs".

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