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Feb 10, 2005
(Back to Sat Guys since old C Band days, so bear with me--not sure if this thread exists already. Had this problem since June where when trying to use the Pay Per View Certificates (free in the Stars and Stripe Pack for Veteran husband), whenever I ordered a VOD movie--either on MyDish app, or on main PC in browser at DISH website, phone menu or even having a tech support do it--it would generate another movie rental (I only got one email for the one movie I rented) and CHARGE ME FOR IT! Also, the movie certificates don't work--one is about to expire Oct 17 but when I try to use it, get the message "Invalid..."

I have called Tech Support, talked to Tech Support supervisors, Advanced Tech and Advanced Tech supervisors (who have copious notes) and finally Account Specialist. The acknowledge this is a known issue (at least at Advanced Tech Supervisor level) and they haven't been able to remedy it, don't know when it will be remedied and can offer NO COMPENSATION for this problem. Aside from the pixelated Off the air DVR recordings that have been a problem since major software upgrade several years ago, this is one of several issues they don't seem to want to take care of for the customer.

Have been a DISH customer 12 years this November. DO they want me to leave--I think so. Any ideas? Have a Hopper with Sling and Hopper 2000. Giving up--will just buy DVD's of all the movies I want to save that are on the DVR as by the time I pay $22 a month just for the 2 DVR rentals (after purchasing one of them outright) I think that would be less than paying for something that doesn't work half the time and DISH wants to DITCH!

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