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Oct 9, 2003
Southern Cal
I am trying to check into voip for our whole house.

Our current setup:

5 touchtone phones (all extensions for the same phone # plugged into their own jacks)--3 are cordless (non-expandable); 1 is not cordless (just plugs into the phone line); and 1 fax with phone.

We have Verizon DSL (on a one year contract), that works off of the same # as our phones. We have a Westel 327 modem/wireless router combination for our wireless computers (1 laptop, 1 desktop, 1 desktop to be added; all wireless).

Probably more info than is needed.

What we would like to do, if at all possible, is:

First we want to keep our same phone # for our phone system. Wouldn't be a problem if we had to have a different phone # for the DSL as long as it didn't cause a problem with our 1 year contract and wouldn't be an added charge from the phone company for a phone line as well as our DSL.

We would like to get voip that can hopefully hook up right into our existing house wiring and use our existing phones as we do now. It would be nice to also be able to use our fax machine (which works on our home phone #; can't make or receive calls when we are using the fax). But, if we couldn't use our fax it wouldn't
be a deal breaker.

Also, if we get voip along with our DSL would it be possible to totally get rid of our current local service which is also with Verizon, or would we have to keep at least the minimum local phone service in order to have DSL.

I first started checking into voip with Vonage, have also talked a little to Verizon voicewing, but the more I talk to them the more confused I get and the more I forget. Seemed like it would be so simple starting out. Just get a phone adapter from Vonage, hook it in (I thought get rid of our local phone service), and have vonage voip and verizon dsl on the current phone lines.

Any help or information would be appreciated. Please make it as simple as possible! I can't even read back over this at the moment. I am getting so confused just thinking and writing about it. I hope this makes some sense.


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May 17, 2004
A couple of things. If you want to use your existing wires, you'll need to disconnect them from the phone company. You'll have to move the active phone wiring to the other pair and rewire the outlet where the DSL modem is connected.

If you want to keep your DSL, you'll need to get a second line installed and transfer the DSL line to it. You'll then do a local number port to Vonage.

Seems overly complicated to me.

Good luck.


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Jun 8, 2005
Don't forget that there are other VoIP companies too, Vonage isn't the only one. I lean towards VoicePulse due to them using Sipura adapters, no tax charged, and no hidden fees. A lot of people fit the needs of their $14.99 plan, and when they say $14.99 that's all they charge you.

If you have DSL, I'd unhook the house wiring from the phone demarc, and run a direct line from the demarc to the DSL modem. Then plug in the VoIP adapter to the house wiring to light up the house wiring with a dial tone.


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Jan 21, 2005
S. D. co. CA.
I have Sun Rocket VOIP service and it is $200.00 A YEAR. There service is VERY GOOD. I have had very few problems with them. I Kept my original home number and they gave me an additional VOIP number too. I have the "GIZMO" connected to my cable modem and running into an existing phone jack and it will power all 5 jacks in my house, AND I have 3 cordless phones on it also.
I really like the idea that I can who calls my home phone calls from work, not to mention the voice mail along with the call blocking so I can block those PESKY Sellers.

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